Interview in 'Happinez'

Sunday February 1, 2015

For Dutch language readers: In the renowned 'Happinez' magazine an interview with developer Joop van Wijk appeared about our motivation to develop Apps like the Original Angel® Cards App. 

Updated version 1.2 is launched!

Friday January 2, 2015

With the updated version 1.2, the Original Angel® Card App is available in 4 more languages: Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Polish. The updated version has a more functional 'flow' built in and – last but not least - a more convenient way to give the App as a gift to a friend, via the menu of the App. The quality of the Angel sounds is greatly improved.

As from november 2014 the Angel of the Month is available in Portuguese as well (with many thanks to Olga Balian!).

Original Angel® Cards App users will be able to communicate with other users of the app all over the world.

Tuesday July 8, 2014

At the same time of the launch of Original Angel® Cards App a special Facebook Group, the Angel Cards Community is put in motion. Users of the App can share their experiences and chat with other users of the Original Angel® Cards App, make wonderful new Angel friends and make their own language groups.

The Original Angel® Cards Cards App version 1.1 is launched.

Friday June 27, 2014

Now the App is – besides in English - available in 6 more languages: Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

The Original Angel® Cards App is launched in English

Sunday June 15, 2014

It was on Joy Drake’s birthday that we sat together with her, Kathy Tyler and Mary Inglis of Innerlinks Associates in beautiful Scotland. We decided it was time for a transformation of the successful Original Angel® Cards into an App. Now, in June 2014, little more than a year later, in a fruitful cooperation with all three of them the App is here! The launch of the English version taking place on the very day that we’re celebrating Kathy’s birthday! The App will soon also be available in Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Later to be followed Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Polish and Servo-Croatian language versions.