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Angel of the month February

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Inspirational Message

Hold a point of steadiness and moderation. Find a point of equilibrium and peaceful coexistence in the midst of change.

The Angel of Balance may seem somewhat dry and uninteresting as a focus this month. But then again, it just might be the homeopathic frequency needed for our individual and collective psyche to bring deep liberation to our lives.
The world climate is increasingly swirling (as evidenced by the current pandemic). There is little or no time/space between events and there seems to be more and more need to double and sometimes triple task. Being out of balance shows up as fatigue, irritation, complacency, and distraction. It significantly lessens our capacity to be present and register continuity of the longer cycles of life. 
When a point of balance is reached, there is freedom; an unbinding of time and space and absorption by the present moment. A luminal space opens between what no longer is and what is not yet. You lose the need to use your relationships and environments as a battle ground between the pairs of opposites.
The key is holding our inner vision steady and firming ourselves with calm, surety, and enduring stability for the greater cycles and not getting caught in the momentary constant swirling.
Let go of striving to control; life, family members, others, events, pets, or anything else that over occupies your attention and focus on graceful segues, seamless transitions, and points of peaceful coexistence.
May the Angel of Balance open luminal spaces in your heart this month.


Kathy and Joy