Angel of the month June

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Inspirational Message

Heartfelt understanding of the human condition that encompasses the pain in oneself and others, dissolves jugment and opens the way for acceptance. A sincere desire to alleviate suffering.


Compassion is an energetic emanation from the essential part of us that holds the 'will to good'.

We are in constant connection with those around us though our energetic imprints. Everything we touch is imbued with our signature. The more intentional we are, the longer our signature lingers and the greater the influence of our touch. The same is true of our thoughts and feelings, the stronger and more repetitive, the longer they 'live'.

Cultivating a compassionate nature for both ourselves and others acts as a healing balm that helps us tolerate hurts and nurtures our ability to be with what is. It gives us refuge from our judging minds and allows our hearts to open. Without compassion, we cannot see the truth and pass through the suffering to trust in a greater reality.

The cultivation of compassion is a life-long practice, it comes with experience and the flowering of an intelligent heart. A heart that is perceptive to the subtleties of indifference, pity, sympathy, loving kindness, and caring. 
Sometimes, we can become compassion-fatigued and separate ourselves from the dilemma of being human. I think it maybe a wide spread cause of depression, stress, and lack of self worth. When we are constantly being traumatized by the media and this creates energetic imprints that can exhaust us out of our hearts.

There is no need to do anything 'about' the human experience. We all have our trigger points that move us to action. The question is; does our action lead to a domino effect of love or separation? If separation is the result, it is not just from something or someone, it is from our hearts. 

For this month, practice the art of compassion through touch, thought, and feeling with the intention of leaving a compassionate energetic signature that animates the will to good and love for humanity, each other, and ourselves. There is no difference.

May you be wrapped in the wings of the Angel of Compassion and invite in all those around you.


Kathy and Joy